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What are Reward Points ?

Reward Points are a Mechanism that has been created to boost the morale of students and promote them to complete Basic Academic Activities on Time.
This has resulted in promoting academic activeness in students while adding an element of gamification to their usual homeworks, assignments and various other day to day school activities.


Benefits of Reward Points

Earn Rewards

Get rewarded for completing basic academic activities on time, such as homework, assignments etc..

Generate Discount Coupon

Use those reward points to generate various discount coupons on different products of your choice.

Redeeming Discount

Those discount coupons can be redeemed either by physically visiting the store or Online, just by showing the coupon code, while making the purchase.

Earn and Burn

The more reward points you generate, the more discount coupons you can unlock. So sit back and start your Fun Learning Journey of Earning and Burning of Reward Points.


Benefits of Using Studentink

Vocal For Local

Local Stores have suffered due to the increase in E-Commence and are losing a bunch of customers due to the same. At Studentink we vouch for Vocal For Local, we provide Local Vendors a Platform along with their targeted Audience.

Visibility to Small Business

Ample of small Business have created their presence online but they are unable to tap into the correct target market and hence, are losing upon their prospected audience. At Studentink we provide you a platform to manifest your talent in your desired ecosystem.

Brand Awareness

With 2,75,000 + users on board and increasing we provide you visibility to audience specific to your geographical boundaries as well as Pan India, creating focused brand awareness within the target market your desire.

Increased Traffic and Profits

Increased Brand Awareness will then lead to higher footfalls and more orders, promoting sales with no additional expenses to be borne, delivering additional Profits.

Reward Points
For Students

How to use Reward Points

Now students can incentivize those reward points to earn Discount Coupons That they can redeem them to purchase products they love.

  • Students Earn Reward Points for Doing Basic Academic Activities.
  • They can Earn Discount Coupons of different stores with the help of the reward Points they earned
  • They can visit the store and avail the discount on their desired product.
For Vendors

How to Redeem Discount Coupons

Discount Coupons can be redeemed at Local stores as well as Online Businesses resulting in increased Footfall and Profits Vendors.

  • Students will visit the store Physically or Online, along with the Discount Coupon they earned.
  • They will make the purchase of the Product or Service offered.
  • Vendor’s will scan that Discount Coupon and provide the Discount Offered.
  • Generating More Traffic, Sales and Profits.

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